Modern university facilities are equipped with lecture rooms and superbly equipped laboratories. All of them are designed to meet the needs of the disabled.


Our University provides both first-cycle and second-cycle studies. Students can choose from various courses on five faculties:  Medical Faculty, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Polytechnic Faculty, Faculty of Rehabilitation and Sport, Medical-Social-Technical Faculty in Września.


The President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz is the best university of applied sciences in Poland. This has been confirmed by results in numerous rankings and competitions.

Why PWSZ in Kalisz

ISO Quality System


The President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz has been awarded ISO 9001 Quality System. This proves that our University has implemented and maintained a quality management system consistent with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. The certification audit, verifying the activities of universities, was conducted in February 2016, by auditors working in TÜV SÜD company – one of the most reliable certification bodies in Poland belonging to the international corporation TÜV SÜD AG. The certification covers the education of full- and part-time students, the process of studying starting from the identification of students expectations, including labour market’s needs, through the graduation process. All four faculties and the processes carried out at the central level were audited. The positive assessment constitutes another evidence of top quality education at our university. The received certifications:

International relations

The President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz has been participating in Erasmus Programme since 2004.

This programme aims to support international exchange of students and university workers.

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme:

  • students can study at partner universities and do the traineeships abroad
  • university workers can develop their skills and competences as well as share their experiences in partner institutions
  • scientific-didactic workers can deliver lectures at partner universities

The signed bilateral agreements give both Polish and foreign students the opportunity to study abroad and to participate in lectures conducted by foreign lecturers.

The dual form of education

Considering close cooperation with dynamically developing companies near Kalisz as well as a practical aspect of education, the university offers a wide range of practical courses. From the second year of study, courses are held directly in local companies which enables students to confront the acquired knowledge with practice.

The dual form of education supports students in the process of entering the labour market. After completing the traineeships, students are often given a job offer in partner companies.


The list of laboratories at the faculties

Medical Faculty

  • The Centre for Medical Simulation
  • Emergency Care Departments
  • The Laboratory of  Ozone Teraphy
  • The Laboratory of Cytology and Ultrasonography
  • The Laboratory of Gynecology and Colposcopy
  • The Laboratory of Cosmetology
  • The Laboratory of Biochemistry, General Chemistry and Cosmetics Chemistry.
  • The Laboratory of Food and Nutrition
  • The Laboratory of Midwives Skills
  • The Laboratory of Medical Biology
  • The Laboratory of Physical Examination
  • The Laboratory of Nursing Skills
  • The Laboratory of Human Anatomy
  • The Laboratory of Fragrances
  • The Laboratory of Pharmacology, Cosmetic’s Formula and Form

Polytechnic Faculty

  • CAD/CAM  Laboratory
  • The Laboratory of Technical Metrology and the Measurement System.
  • The Laboratory of CNC Machine Tools
  • The Laboratory of Automated Protection Systems
  • The Laboratory of Electronics and Power Electronics
  • The Laboratory for Chemical Analysis of Water and Sewage
  • The Laboratory of Micro-organisms
  • The Radioecology Laboratory
  • The Laboratory of Technical Thermodynamics
  • The Programming Laboratory
  • The Database Laboratory
  • The Computer Networks Laboratory
  • The Multimedia System Laboratory
  • The Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering laboratory
  • The Materials Durability Laboratory

Faculty of Rehabilitation and Sport

  • The Laboratory of Kinesitherapy and Massage
  • The Physiotherapy Laboratory
  • The Electrotherapy Laboratory
  • The Hydrotherapy Laboratory
  • The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Biophysics
  • The Laboratory of  Physiology of Effort and Clinical Physiology
  • The Laboratory of Medical Biology
  • The Massage Laboratory
  • The Laboratory of Human Anatomy

Education and knowledge not only for studetnts

The dynamic activity of our university has not been only aimed at secondary school graduates. So-called  “Open doors”, the education fairs, some events in local shopping centres and the outdoor shows held in Kalisz as well as in our region provide excellent opportunities to promote education among inhabitants at any age. The university is actively engaged in these events, presents its potential and highlights its role in local community. These activities aim to strengthen the positive reputation of PWSZ in Kalisz among local communities.

The signed agreements concerning cooperation with lower and upper-secondary schools give students the opportunity to take advantage of conducted workshops and lectures in superbly equipped laboratories. Our scientific-didactic workers have delivered open lectures and talks related to the promotion of health, technology, environmental protection and entrepreneurship at partner schools. This cooperation provides mutual benefits.

Our strenghts

  • The prestige of the university – the best university of applied sciences in Poland, the only public higher education institution in this region, preferred and recommended by entrepreneurs, highly ranked due to well-qualified academic staff
  • Top quality education – a broad, well-developing educational offer on the first- and second-cycle studies, highly-qualified academic staff, the positive assessments given by  the State Accreditation Committee and the National Commitee on Medical Education and Accreditaion
  • The comfort of studying – the extended, modern didactic facilities, impressing libraries, intensive publishing activity, well-adapted facilities to disabled students, the opportunity to develop scientific, cultural and sport interests,  the extended system of financial assistance
  • Innovativeness  – the most modern laboratories, numerous IT-multimedia projects, the extended e-learning system, E-University
  • Good financial situation – financial resources obtained from EU funds and contingency reserve, the lack of debts and financial obligations including bank loans
  • Competitiveness – attractive courses and specializations, the educational offer correlated with the labour market’s needs, enhancing the attractiveness of  study programmes, multi-generation students community, a broad range of extracurricular activities, the dizzying pace of university development
  • Good conditions for cooperation – numerous partners in Poland and abroad, harmonious relations with social and business community, apoliticism
  • The prestige of the university – the best university of applied sciences in Poland, the only public higher education institution in this region,  preferred and recommended by entrepreneurs, highly ranked due to well-qualified academic staff