First Cycle Studies

  1. Internal Security
  • Anti-terrorism Security
  • Road Security
  • National Security
  • Uniformed and Armed Units
  • Military System and Defence Education
  1. Management
  • Public Management
  • Management of Company Finance
  • Logistics Management
  • Public and Business Information Management
  • International Business Management (dual degree studies with Polytechnic Institute of Bragança; studies conducted in English, one year of studies in       Portugal)
  1. State Defence


Second Cycle Studies

  1. Management and Command
  • Finance and Accounting in Management
  • Management and Leadership in Public Organisations
  • Logistics Management
  1. State Defence


Postgraduate courses

  1. Audit and Internal Control
  2. Human Resources and Payroll in Law and Practice
  3. Human Resources and Safety and Hygiene at Work
  4. Corporate Accounting and Finance
  5. Social Insurance
  6. Public Procurement